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Livello has skills you’d give a heartbeat for. It’s smart enough to pick up signals and pairs effortlessly with the sender, just like any man about town. No matter how loud it is, it always sounds like music to the ears. And the best part is, wherever Livello travels, the party travels too. Because now you can wirelessly stream your favourite chart busters from your smart phone, tablet or notebook. Footloose and forever ready to go, it’s no wonder that Livello feels so light. After all, it’s free of the tangle of attachments.
  • Powerful natural sound
    brings your music to life
  • Livello is equipped with two
    built-in power packed 3.5 watt speakers.
  • Connects wirelessly with your phone,
    tablet or other device via Bluetooth ®
  • Its untiring rechargeable batteries
    keep the music running non stop for six hours.
  • Livello has integrated functionality
    to use your phone hands free
  • Livello can also connect with your phone,
    tablet or other device via audio cable
  • Its battery can be easily charged
    via the USB port of your computer,
    or any USB phone charger


Livello will behave itself at least for a period of six months. You can take our word. However, if it does play truant before that, you can send it right back to us within the first ten days with a strongly worded note, if you please.

Customer Service No.
+91 9172 88 00 55

Please contact us for further information:
1-B, Jains Arcade, 1st Floor, Corner 14th Road / Khar Danda Road, Khar (W),
Mumbai - 400 052.