About Us

LIMEIRA EXIM is founded in 2014 by two technology enthusiasts having potential to carry on with their endeavor in bridging our reach to new technologies & Industrial innovations by specializing and venturing into a foray of latest Consumer Electronics, Green Energy Products & E-vehicles in India.

Brand LIVELLO in India market's products through B2C channel, interacting directly with consumer preferences and needs, a one to one focus on direct retailing for its warrantied hi-tech products. Limeira Exim concentrates in connecting to consumers directly, making them reach & understand in-depth, to new & re-shaped hi-tech products.

With achieved deep insight of consumers and coordinating a team of specialist companies focused on technology, sourcing from reputed companies in US, Europe & China, Limeira Exim is working to source economical solutions for reshaping the technology on various Green technology E-vehicles, Audio generating products & seeking quality partnerships to distribute the advantage of both Industrial innovations for Indian companies & consumers.

We serve the people who command how we live, work and play through technology.

LIVELLO - Bridging the gap between you & technology

Partners to the mission:

Mr. Ajay Bachani Mr. Jatin Bachani
Cell: +91 9819 59 47 45 Cell: +91 9172 88 00 55